The premise

Terre e Domus is the new place to taste the territory of the Province of Rome.

The Province, the Men at Work social cooperative, and the chef Marco Pasquali have given life to one of the most awaited openings of Rome's taste season.

From early morning to midnight this modern roman bistro alongside the Foro Traiano lets us see and admire over 2000 years of history while tasting and getting to know the cuisine of the eternal city and the natural ingredients that make it unique.

Authenticity, culture, tradition and innovation in the heart of Rome's history. For romans and non.

The staff

Our young staff is made up of students who have just graduated from the Trastevere Hotel School. They are flanked by two prisoners who have been given the possibility of working daily outside the prison.

Some of the dishes served are named after their young “interpreters”. Marco Pasquali tutors the trainees. He is the true host of Terre e Domus, as well as the manager of the Osteria Iotto in Campagnano just outside Rome.

His experience and expertise lead the way both inside and outside the kitchen.

What there is to eat

At both lunch and dinner we serve traditional roman dishes. These change frequently since they use seasonal produce: mezze maniche pasta with bacon and pumpkin, amatriciana pasta, gricia pasta, potato broth with broccoli and skate, porcini mushroom and chestnut soup, suckling lamb cooked in various traditional ways, stewed codfish, Roman saltimbocca, offal, broccoletti, chicory, Roman chicory, artichokes, pepper biscuits, wine biscuits, assorted pies.

The suite of wines is selected from the province's best, preferring local, organic vineyards. You can always taste our aperitifs: wine with cheese and pepper toast, carbonara and cheese and anchovies. The cook's creativity and the roman province's seasonal produce set the theme.

Greens come from the organic vegetable garden inside the Rebibbia prison. Some of the cakes that are served are baked in the prison's kitchen. The garden and the kitchen have been run by the Men at Work social coop for years.

Products on sale

At the Terre e Domus shop you can buy a range of ingredients used in the kitchen. Cold cuts, cheese, pepperoni jam, pumpkin jam with amaretto biscuits and chocolate, red onion preserve, artisan pepper biscuits with almonds, nuts and cocoa, Frascati pepper-bread, biscuits, wine bagels, organic honey from Mt Soratte, nougat made by Trappist monks, oil from Sacrofano, chocolate from the St Paul Abbey.

These all come from lands in the province of Rome.


The premises will host numerous events linked to promoting our territory's wine and food products. These include: book launches, tasting events, courses, theme dinners, readings, photo exhibitions, various taste and history events, charity dinners.

The journalist and sommelier Alice Lupi presented her book Il vino è spiritoso [Wine is witty] (published by Book Sprint) on 26 November to a packed hall. The book talks about the inseparable bond between wine tasting and play. This is the original point of view that gives life to the essay. It delves deeply into wine culture and is interspersed with rhymes penned by the author herself. Paris' Organisation International de la vigne e du vin awarded it the 2014 Special Mention. The presentation was chaired by Antonio Mazzitelli, professor of Italian and French oenology and Secretary of the Roman Delegation of the Italian Federation of Sommeliers, Hoteliers, and Restauraters. The speakers were Maria Cristina Ciaffi, Lazio's delegate from The Women of Wine and President of the Wine Road of the Etruscan and Roman Territories, and Sandra Ianni, sociologist, expert in food culture and wine and food traditions. During the event Francesco Di Pinto read some of the book's rhymes. Wine offered by Frascati's Union to Safeguard Wine Names brought the event to a close.


Terre e Domus
Foro Traiano n. 82, 00187 Rome

tel. 06 6994 0273 (info and booking)

We are open every day from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm

We accept: Visa, American Express, Mastercard, cash

Men at Work

A non profit social cooperative set up in Rome in 1998. Its statutory mission is to plan, manage, and monitor the work integration of people risking social exclusion, through personalized projects.

Among other realities, Men at Work runs the kitchen at the new complex of the Rebibbia prison. Here it makes meals both for the prison itself and for public and private companies, offering catering and banqueting services. It also manages the vegetable garden inside the Rebibbia correctional institution.

For further information:

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